Precision Router Base


Precision Router Base

Route precise inlay cavities with the compact and adjustable Precision Router Base especially designed for guitar and bass building. You can adjust the Dreml’s cutting depth by turning the large knurled thumbwheels (1 turn = 0.89mm (0.035″).

You haveexcellent control for freehand routing because of the tall twin handles and a good view on your workpiece. With the built-in nozzle you can attach a mini air pump to continuously blow away the dust, so inlay cavities will become more precise.

Simple Installation:
Install the Precision Router Base by unscrewing the threaded plastic collar on the nose of the Dremel. It does have a  3/4-12 thread and fits the most common Types, like f.e. Dremel 4000, 400XPR, Professional, MultiPro™ and most corded models made since 1986; Black & Decker Wizard™ and RTX™

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