“Modern Vintage” Neck / TL-Shape / unfinished / 12″


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“Modern Vintage” Neck / TL-Shape / Unfinished / 12″

The “Modern Vintage” necks deliver great playability through a modern 12″ fretboard radius paired with a vintage look.
The neck is shaped to a comfortable Medium D and features a headstock side access to the trussrod. The unfinished version of this neck is sanded ready to paint. For a perfect setup, we use Double-Action trussrods which actively adjust in both directions.
To make the trussrods accessible from the headstock, both necks have a glued on fretboard.
Fretted with Jumbo frets (2.7 x 1.1mm), including F-Type nut routing (nut sold seperately) and finished pegholes (8.5mm).

  • 21 Jumbo frets (2.7 x 1.1mm)
  • Fretboard radius: 12″
  • US Hardrock Maple
  • Dot inlays
  • Shaping: Medium D
  • Width at saddle: 42mm
  • Width at last fret: 56mm
  • Pegholes: 8,5mm
  • Headstock side trussrod access