’53 Tele – Drawing

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Shown in the drawing is a ’53 Tele, full size (1:1). You get all dimensions needed to build a Tele from scratch, with all historic details.

We recommend to use it with ’53 Template Set.

Either as a professional A0 Laser print on a scale of 1:1 or as a digital download (PDF) to print out yourself.

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The drawing shows the body, pickguard and neck of a 1953 Tele in 1:1 scale. A scale table is used to position the frets, at the top right of the drawing. In the lower area both an original ’53 wiring and a today’s standard wiring for Tele are shown. The depths of the millings in the body are given on the drawing. The drawing can be used to make templates or simply to measure the original dimensions. To make it easier to create routing templates, the headstock, neck radii, neck pocket, pickup routing and electronics compartment were drawn separately.

The routing templates that match this drawing can be ordered in the “Templates” area. Either as a professional A0 laser print on a scale of 1:1 or as a digital download (PDF) to print out yourself.

A0 Print on a scale of 1:1: All printed plans are printed out in their original size on a professional laser plotter. An A0 print on a scale of 1:1 is delivered, folded to A4 for shipping.

  • Digital download (PDF): After incoming payment, a download link to the PDF file will be sent by e-mail.
    • Printout via Adobe Acrobat Reader:
      • Open the file in Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available online as freeware
      • Open the “Print” dialog box
      • Under “Customize page and options” select the button “Poster” (scaling 100%)
      • The drawing is now printed out on several A4 pages at a scale of 1:1
      (Status: January 2022)