Humbucker Winding Kit AlNiCo2 – Authentic Amber Parts!


Humbucker Winding Kit AlNiCo2 – Authentic Amber Parts

Amber Pickups are known for their handwound pickups, made of selected authentic Parts. This set is arranged by Amber Pickups exclusively for and our customers!

This set contains:

2x Bobbins, Black
6x Polescrews, US-Gewinde 5-40
6x Polepieces 3/16″ (4,76 mm)
1x Bar Magnet, long, AlNiCo II, raw surface
1x Metal Spacer, milled
1x Wood Spacer, Maple
1x Nickel Silver Baseplate, 18% Nickel
4x Holding Screws, Brass
0,5m Metal Braided Wire
4Stk Conductor Cable (black + white), 4 x 8 cm
2x Bobbin Screws, Nickel
2x Springs

Optional: You can use our AWG42 Wire for winding.

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