’59 Humbucker Winding Kit AlNiCo2 – Authentic Pickup Parts!


’59 Humbucker Winding Kit – Authentic Pickup Parts!

Based on good contacts in the pickup windig scene and our experience as a manufacturer of pickup parts, we are able to offer you Humbucker parts, which are as authentic as possible. It does have many selected authentic parts as the specifically magnetized AlNiCo 2 magnets with raw surface, a vintage dimensioned baseplate, the milled metal spacer, adequate wood spacers as seen in the old original 1959 pickups …

This set contains:

2x Bobbins, Black
6x Polescrews, US-Gewinde 5-40
6x Polepieces 3/16″ (4,76 mm)
1x Bar Magnet, long, AlNiCo II, raw surface
1x Metal Spacer, milled
1x Wood Spacer, Maple
1x Nickel Silver Baseplate, 18% Nickel
4x Holding Screws, Brass
0,5m Metal Braided Wire
4Stk Conductor Cable (black + white), 4 x 8 cm
2x Bobbin Screws, Nickel
2x Springs

Optional: You can use our AWG42 Wire for winding.

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