Knob and Bushing Puller


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“Two-in-one” tool for easily remove guitar knobs and bushings without damaging.

The Knob and Bushing Puller has a clear acrylic housing with rubberized base to help protect the guitar’s finish. It does have a square unit with 2 ends – one end is for pulling knobs, with the other end you can easily extract Gibson, Schaller or Gotoh bridge and tailpiece stud bushings, without damaging the guitar.

Bolts for pulling various threads are included:

  • 5/16-18
  • 5/16-24
  • 10-32
  • M5
  • M6
  • M8

Removal tip for Tailpiece bushings:
In some cases, especially with Gibson guitars, the tailpiece bushings are installed before the guitar is finished. To avoid chipping the finish, we recommend scoring the bushing with a sharp knife. For stubborn bushings, careful heat from a soldering iron will help break them free.