Bridge Vacuum Clamp


The Bridge Vacuum Clamp makes it possible to glue a bridge onto the top of an acoustic guitar quickly and easily. In this way, the bridge can be glued to the inside of the instrument without screw clamps or other complex clamping methods. The clamping pressure is evenly distributed over the entire length of the bridge. The risk of damage to the instrument by metal parts is significantly reduced.

We recommend an initial vacuum of 5-10 minutes. Then the vacuum should be released and excess glue removed. The process can be easily observed and checked through the thin silicone mat. Then hold the vacuum for another 30-45 minutes.

The vacuum reduces the hardening time of water-based glues such as Titebond. The internal dimensions allow use on both small and large guitars.

A suitable vacuum generator is also optionally available, which generates the required vacuum from compressed air with the help of a commercially available compressor.

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